Military Wives

Feature | NR | 113 min


The Argyros Sun, Mar 22 12:30 PM
Film Info
Premier:Idaho Premiere
Event Type:Film Screening
Production Country:UK
Original Langauge:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Peter Cattaneo
Cast:Kristin Scott Thomas
Sharon Horgan
Jason Flemyng
Produced By:Ben Pugh
Rory Aitken
Piers Tempest
Screenwriter:Rosanne Flynn
Rachel Tunnard
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Life on a military base can be uneventful, especially for the wives who are left behind when their partners are called to duty. Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) is one of these women, bearing the stress and monotony with grace and forebearance. As the long-standing chair of the Social Committee, Kate has a hard time stepping away when newcomer Lisa (Sharon Horgan) is appointed in her place. The two women have very different definitions of social activities: Kate wants the group to continue with her busy calendar of book clubs and community work, while Lisa prefers to find any excuse for a glass of wine. When the idea of starting a choir is first broached, the women theoretically find common ground — even if they don't see eye to eye on the approach. Nonetheless, as the group begins to practice, they soon discover that the joy of singing is infectious and the first military wives choir is born.